Cellu M6 Aesthetic Innovations

Aesthetic Innovations


New Roll treatment head

A 50% larger tissular fold !

The Lipomassage has never been so effective…

True technological innovation, the new treatment head
Ergodrive allows a high-precision tissular grabbing.

  • A 50% increase in treatment chamber volume for greater
  • Independant motorized rollers (LPG patents) for high
    precision treatment
  • Control screen, integrated commands and rotating head for
    greater usability
  • 4 rotations of rollers for personalized results : slim
    down, Firm, Rescuplt, Smooth


3 New treatment heads

The anti-aging redensification : to a cell stimulation always more

Discover Endermolift… the new anti-aging efficiency

These 3 new Lift care heads offer an unequalled precision of
action for unique anti-aging performance.

  • Lift adapted to all skin types [Regular or Sensitive] for an
    optimal cellular stimulation
  • 3 intensities for a redensification of high-precision:
    clarify, firm, replenish






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