Cellu M6 Integrated Coach Protocol

LPG Coach Protocol Integration

LPG coach integrated

  • Real technological innovation, LPG integrates in
    the core of its machines

    for the first time its protocols to follow in images
    and step by step Lipomassage, Endermolift,
    Endermothérapie or Endermosport autorun sessions.

  • All settings are pre-configured to allow a
    greater usability


Near 60 programs* pre-configured:

  • Body Beauty : Androide Lipomassage treatment, gynoid
    Lipomassage treatment, cellulite smoothing treatment, body
    firming treament…
  • Face Beauty : Eye lift treatment, collagene activator
    firming treatment,

    densifying anti-wrinkle treatment

  • Fitness : Preparation LPG treatment, Recovery LPG treatment
  • Health: Fibrosis, inflammation, oedema, lymphoedema, venous
  • Sport : Ligament tendon injury, preparation , recovery…
  • Spa : Liposculpting treatment, Cellulite smoothing
  • Aesthetic Medical: Pre- and post-liposuction, Pre- and

    *The exact number of pre-configured
    protocols depends on the machine version i or s

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