Advanced Meso-Aesthetics

Topics Covered in BeautyPRO Advanced Meso-Aesthetic Courses:

  • Advanced face, skin, and body physiology
  • Aesthetics, Homeopathy & Naturopathy
  • Laser/IPL Treatments
  • Pre/Post Mesotherapy protocols and treatments
  • Advanced Surgery Alternative Technologies/Protocols:
    • Electroporation & Chromotherapy LED
    • Radio Frequency & Ultrasonic Cavitation

Radio frequency treatment technologies, ThermaSkin and ThermaShape systems are cutting-edge beauty treatment solutions. They are proving to be extremely effective and popular methods today for surgery-alternative body and face care. This technology allows energy as heat to be carried deep into the skin without altering the epidermis in any way.

The radio frequency produces a number of beneficial biological effects which include a skin tensor effect, a wrinkle filler effect, a firming effect, micro-circulation stimulation, increased oxygen supply and cell nutrition, increased cellular metabolism, reduced veno-lymph stasis phenomenon, improved drainage, accelerated fat metabolism, effective firming, stimulation of fibroblasts and improving skin tone. The uniqueness of this MBE technology is that clinicians can obtain the necessary high temperatures without a burning sensation.

Therma-Skin is an exclusive new device used for treating signs of facial aging. Thanks to its innovative synergy of radio frequency and photo dynamics this highly effective technology leaves skin looking younger, lifted, softer and more velvety. Wrinkles, couperosis and slack skin are the main facial skin flaws that affect women, often starting
around the age of 30. Compared to the numerous cosmetic treatments available on the market and other devices based on outdated technology, Therma-Skin is the most effective and highly advanced long-term solution for treating this kind of problem.
This combination action is a highly advanced, clinically proven solution for rejuvenating the face. The treatment is simple, painless, noninvasive and requires no recovery time. This therapy can also be used on a wide variety of skin as it is non-surgical and  non-ablative. Results are observed from the very first sessions.

Therma-Shape, combining radio-frequency, LED chromotherapy (red, yellow, blue) and cavitation in its protocols, provides exciting results that has Medi-Spas booking full body sculpting packages months in advance. Exclusive training and protocols are provided by Formula Life medically trained staff.                         Click For Next Page

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