Welcome To Rufina’s European Skin & Body Clinic

At Rufina’s European Skin & Body Clinic, you’ll receive the care and sophisticated skin & body treatments that have been first, created through deep and careful knowledge, and then consistently and meticulously refined and improved upon for over 35 years by our founder and guru, Rufina Kraychik.

Rufina, first entered the study of the body through physiotherapy, this is the knowledge she then took into aesthetics and cosmetology; knowledge that guided Rufina to always search out the most natural, and least invasive methods and treatments which could produce the best final results.

For over 12 years now at our convenient location(11th Ave. West & Granville), Rufina’s European Skin & Body Clinic has been providing these specialized treatments, which naturally trigger and stimulate your own body’s physiological mechanisms, to produce amazing results in:

  • Reversing the sign of aging on your skin by increasing Collagen and Elastin Synthesis with Venus Freeze
  • Reducing cellulite and providing circumferential reduction by stimulating lypolisis in the body with LPG Endermologie & VelaShape II


Slimming Treatments

Cellulite Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

At Rufina's we have the best Age Reversing and Rejuvenating Facials in Vancouver BC VelaShape II and LPG Endermologie are the most effective slimming treatments in Vancouver BC VelaShape II and LPG for Cellulite Reduction in Vancouver, BC Candela Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver, BC

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