Therma Skin Facial Skin Treatment

Vancouver thermaskin facial skin treatmentTherma-SKIN  effectively treats progressive aging of delicate facial skin.Thermaskin skin treatments in vancouver

How? Through the innovative synergy between radiofrequency and photodynamics.

Wrinkles, couperose and slack skin are the main facial skin flaws that affect women, often from the ages of 30 onwards. Therma-SKIN is an important ally for appearance and mood.

Therma Skin is an exclusive device based on the synergy of radiofrequency and photodynamics. The ultimate technology for treating signs of facial aging.Therma Skin emits a pleasant form of heat via two light handpieces, stimulating the skin deep down and accelerating the production of collagen and elastin, the elements responsible for skin elasticity and tone.

This action is amplified by the use of red light, which emits heat simultaneously, stimulating tissue still further, improving tone and firmness and generating a remarkable lifting effect. This is a simple, painless, non-invasive treatment that slows the aging processes, and remodels the face wonderfully. It has been specifically created to make your face briht again.

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