Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive and non-ablative laser technology using concentrated light and heat at the surface and at a deeper layer of the skin to trigger collagen production. It also works to get rid off diffused redness, shrink the pores, and generally smooth out the overall texture of the skin. The treatment is gentle and the risk of injury is negligable. It is also safe for all skin types, and the process is not as painful as with other ablative or non-ablative technologies.

Laser Genesis, if preformed regularly, dramatically improves the appearance and condition of the skin:

  • Tightens the skin and promotes healthy cell growth
  • “Polishes” the skin and smoothes the overall texture and color of the skin
  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Shrinks the pores
  • Corrects diffused redness and rosacea
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removes tiny facial veins

How Does Laser Genesis Work?

Laser Genesis works by penetrating heat through the skin’s surface and into the upper layer of skin (dermis) to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is naturally produced by the body and is largely regarded as the protein that keeps it all together. With age, however, collagen breaks down resulting in thinner skin and wrinkles.

Laser Genesis is performed without the need for topical anaesthetic and is quite comfortable. At most you may get some mild redness immediately after the treatment, but it fades within hours. There is no down time.

What is the Treatment Like?

A Laser Genesis treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, during which the patients feel warming sensation and immediate sensation of skin tightening. Most patients, once they get used to the procedure, find the treatment therapeutic and relaxing.

For optimal outcomes, most people need six to eight treatments, although recommendations vary according to a patient’s individual needs. The results are accumulative and long-term effects can be quite dramatic.

How Long Will Improvements Last?

The results of Laser Genesis continue to increase after each treatment and can last approximately between 4-6 weeks.

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