Laser Wart Removal

GenesisPLUS is the new Health Canada and FDA approved Laser for the targeted treatment of warts. Only the GenesisPLUS Laser offers the Warts - before and afterlatest advanced technology and safety features, and is clinically proven, effective and safe.

The GenesisPlus treatment works by using laser light that specifically targets the pigment within the blood supply to the wart to kill the HPV virus.
Older topical treatments such as acids, blistering agents and liquid nitrogen have been used with varying degrees of success. These typically must be repeated numerous times with significant patient discomfort and potential down time with greater chance of complications.

Treatment usually takes only a few minutes and most patients experience minimal to no discomfort.  The warty areas are typically iced prior to the procedure or if a large wart, local anesthetic may be required. Most patients can simply walk in, have the procedure done, and then walk right out. Typically only one or two treatments are required so you can get back to your activities.

How Does Laser Genesis Work?

The wart laser treatment works by using laser light that specifically targets the pigment within the blood supply to the wart, typically causing a blood blister to form thus killing the virus.

What is the Treatment Like?

Most patients have minimal discomfort. Typically we ice the warty area a few minutes prior to and during treatment. Local anesthesia may be required for larger clusters. If pain is experienced, we may recommend using the pain reliever you would typically use for headaches.

How long does wart treatment take?

The laser wart treatment usually takes only a few minutes. We use a medical smoke evacuator and HEPA filtration system to remove any vaporized viral particles in the air for patient safety.

How many treatments is required?

More than one treatment may be necessary 4-6 weeks apart.

Who should not have laser wart treatment?

If you are pregnant or have skin cancer you are not a candidate for this treatment.

What is the Post Operative Care?

Warts usually have a black or crusty appearance after 24 hours after treatment. You may apply ointment of choice and non-stick dressing for comfort. Treated tissue usually sloughs within 1-4 weeks. Cold gel packs or cool compresses may be applied post-treatment on hot spots.

Why Cutera GenesisPLUS?
  • Health Canada and FDA cleared for warts
  • Cutera is a worldwide leader in laser technology
  • Heat sensor on hand piece for accuracy and safety of treatment
  • Proven effectiveness