Synergica Multicolor Beauty Care

Synergica Multicolor Vancouver BCSYNERGICA MULTICOLOR makes use of biodynamic energy and photo-stimulation to promote the penetration of the active ingredients of the I’magine range of cosmetics into the skin’s most vital layers.

Synergica Multicolor is the only beauty care device that can be used to perform an enjoyable, original and very special treatment that takes vitamins directly from fresh fruit and flushes them into the skin! Electric stimulation obtained via a special wave shape, combined with the power of pulsed polychromatic light, acts directly on the cellular membrane Vancouver Synergica Multicolor Fruit additionprovoking a temporary reorganization of the cells and allowing active principles to pass through the spaces between cells and reach down to the most vital layers of the cutis. Synergica Multicolor treatments are performed by applying special fruit jellies, specifically formulated to obtain the best results in the quickest time.

Other benefits include: a healing effect of skin tissue, an increase in cellular metabolism and surface vasodilation, reactivation of circulation, toning, draining and soothing of skin tissue.

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